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If you want better returns on your investment than we can help you. Our company does extensive marketing to locate off market properties from motivated sellers at huge market discounts. We provide a complete information package so that you can make an informed decision long distance. This includes: Property Management in Place, Appraisal, Condition Report, Repair Estimate, Rental Comps, and Projected ROI. We obtain all the information we provide from third parties so that there are not biased opinions. Our goal is to establish long term relationships by acquiring and selling properties that have great investment potential.

The properties we acquire are excellent investments offering high returns and priced well below market value so they typically sell quickly. Each property must make it through a due diligence process before we proceed with closing. To include:

  • Speak to numerous sellers to find those who are motivated to sell quickly below value. We make numerous offers to find one property.
  • Property management takes photos and does a condition report, an estimate of repairs, and rent comps.
  • An after repair value (ARV) appraisal is performed by a licensed appraiser.
  • If at any stage in this process we do not feel that the property is a good investment(too big of a project, bad neighboring properties, total investment over 80% of appraised value, gross yearly rent returns below minimums, etc.) than we do not proceed.

We have been investing since 2003 and have purchased homes in markets all over the country. We are located in St Louis, MO which is currently one of the highest performing cash flow markets in the country.

  • Outstanding Rental Returns (Extremely High Rents for the Investment Amount)
  • Low Purchase Prices (Total Investment Including Repairs Typically Less Than $40000)
  • Excellent Market Outlook (Low Purchase Prices + High Rents = Appreciation)
  • Low Property Taxes

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